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We have three levels of news. The press releases, on this page, are the most important items, and you can be receiving them by email by subscribing at the news mailing list. The FFII news are more frequent and less important; we don't have an emailing service for them. The Software patent news (traditionally called Swpatcnino), are links to any page on the web that we come across and has any kind of software patent news, regardless whether it is written by us or not and whether we agree with what it says.


14 December

EU adopts Big Brother directive, ignores industry and civil society

12 December

FFII Asks MEPs to reject Big Brother directive

7 December

EU law-making process cracking under pressure

5 December

EU introducing "Big Brother" anti-privacy law, warns FFII

29 November

FFII a force for the future, says new president

8 July

Patent lobbyists "wasted millions, deny defeat" in EU software patent battle

6 July

European Parliament says no to software patents

5 July

Lehne, McCreevy, demonstrators with canoes

5 July

Patent lobby MEPs calling for rejection of the directive

5 July

CEA-PME calls on MEPs to support 21 cross-party amendments

4 July

SMEs call on European Parliament to protect them from software patents

1 July

European Parliament tables new software patent amendments for plenary

20 June

Economic-Majority supports Rocard JURI amendments

6 June

Patent administrators preempting parliaments in Council

23 May

June 1st Conference on Patent Policy Making

20 May

"SMEs, software, copyright and patents" event co-hosted by the EPO and the FFII on May 24th

28 April

FFII comments on rapporteur Rocard's software patents report

27 April

Spanish universities demonstrate against software patents

25 April

EICTA sends Microsoft to represent SMEs on software patents in EP

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