Donating to the FFII

The FFII relies on donations to fund its activities. If you want society to have a free information infrastructure, please consider making a donation.


= Donate via bank account =

This is the preferred way to donate.

|| Country:                                   || Germany                                ||
|| Bank code:                                 || 70150000                               ||
|| BIC (bank identifier code):                || SSKMDEMM                               ||
|| SWIFT:                                     || SSKM DE MM                             ||
|| Name of Bank:                              || Stadtsparkasse Muenchen                ||
|| Bank's Postal Address:                     || Lothstr 1, DE 80335 Muenchen           ||
|| Account:                                   || 31112097                               ||
|| IBAN (international bank account number):  || DE78701500000031112097                 ||
|| Account Owner:                             || FFII e.V.                              ||
|| Account Owner's Postal Address:            || Blutenburgstr 17, DE 80636 Muenchen    ||
|| Keyword:                                   || europarl                               ||

= Donate via paypal or =

Please submit the following form (either the paypal form or the form, whichever is applicable), taking into account the following:

 * If you like to announce your donation [ffii:oldwww:money/donor/public/ in public] (this is welcome!), set the keyword ispublic=y.
 * If, in addition to email, you need a paper receipt, set the keyword receipt=y (and make sure that your paypal/moneybookers account has an address bound to it, otherwise just enter it too).
 * If you make a membership contribution instead of donation, please replace type=donation with type=membership.
 * If you have have an user id, using it instead of "xxx" after uid would be helpful.

After submission of the form below you will be transferred to paypal or moneybookers to complete the transaction.

== Paypal ==


Note: because we are an organization, we have to pay 3.75% banking fees for PayPal.

== ==


= Donate via pecunix =

Send to "konto at ffii dot org" from your [ pecunix] account.

= Donate via cheque =

If online banking is an option and you are in the eurozone, due to the additional paperwork involved, cheques generally are not really the preferred payment mode (if you are in the eurozone your bank will not charge you more for an account transfer to us than it charges you for a national transfer). However, if there is no alternative or it is too costly otherwise then you are still welcome to send a cheque to FFII e.V., Blutenburgstr. 17, D-80636 München, Germany.

Fees we pay for incoming cheques are EUR 0.00 if drawn to a bank that has branches in Germany (e.g. we got an EUR 30.00 donation from Lithuania via the Vilnius Deutsche Bank office) or EUR 7.00 if drawn to a bank that has no branches in Germany (e.g. we paid EUR 7.00 for a EUR 30.00 donation via La Poste, France).

= Forint account (Hungary) =

To save banking fees, donations in Hungarian Forint can currently be made via the account number below at Green Spider Foundation (, please specify "swpat" as purpose. Such donations will be adminstered by the ZPOK swpat team who will put them to best use for action against software patents (eg. for activities in Hungary or by Hungarians).

A banki költségek kímélése céljából a forintban tett felajánlásokat a Zöld Pók Alapítvány lenti számlaszámára lehet megtenni. Légy szíves add meg megjegyzésként hogy "swpat". Ezeket a felajánlásokat a Zöld Pók Alapítvány swpat csapata fogja kezelni, és a szoftverszabadalmak elleni küzdelemben a lehető leghatékonyabban fogja felhasználni (pl. Magyarországon vagy magyarok által végzett tevékenységekre.

Zöld Pók Alapítvány[[BR]]
Székhely: 1024 Bpudapest, Rómer Flóris u. 22-24.[[BR]]
Levelezési cím: 1121 Budapest, Rácz A. u. 20.[[BR]]
Drótposta: swpat ---at---[[BR]]
Bankszámlaszám: OTP 11702036-20597878

= Direct debit (German members only) =

Via you can set up direct debit (Lastschrift) if you have an account at a bank in Germany. For membership contributions, this is probably the most convenient method both for you and for the FFII.
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