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For information concerning

Email address

The European Parliament

europarl-help at ffii dot org

The Council of Ministers

consilium-help at ffii dot org

The European Commission

cec-help at ffii dot org

FFII's web site and information system

polis-help at ffii dot org

Anything that has to do with the press

media-help at ffii dot org

Anything not fitting above

info at ffii dot org

You can reach the Board of the FFII at board at ffii dot org. The board page has contact data for each of the board members.

For post, telephone, and fax, see below.

Munich office

Blutenburgstr. 17
80636 München

phone: +49-89-18979927

fax: +49-89-12789609

Brussels Office

Erik Josefsson
Avenue Michelange 68

phone: +32-273-96271


Hartmut Pilch
phm at ffii org

Jonas Maebe
jmaebe at ffii org

Benjamin Henrion
bhenrion at ffii org

Dieter Van Uytvanck
+32-499-16-70-10 or +31-6-275-879-10
dietvu at ffii org

Erik Josefsson
erjos at ffii org

James Heald
+44 778910 7539
jheald at ffii org

Gérald Sédrati-Dinet
gibuskro at ffii org

More Contacts to be supplied upon request

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